Sym-Bionic Titan

Description Sym-Bionic Titan 2010 Sym-Bionic Titan is an American animated action science fiction television series created by Genndy Tartakovsky, Paul Rudish, and Bryan Andrews for Cartoon Network. The series focuses on a trio made up of the alien princess Ilana, the rebellious soldier Lance, and the robot Octus; the three are able to combine to create the titular Sym-Bionic Titan. A preview of the series was first shown at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con International, and further details were revealed at Cartoon Network's 2010 Upfront. The series premiered on September 17, 2010, and ended on April 9, 2011. The series is rated TV-PG-V. Cartoon Network initially ordered 20 episodes; Tartakovsky had hoped to expand on that, but the series was not renewed for another season, as the show "did not have any toys connected to it." Although Sym-Bionic Titan has never been released on DVD, All 20 episodes are available on iTunes. On October 7, 2012, reruns of Sym-Bionic Titan began airing on Adult Swim's Toonami block.

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Sym-Bionic Titan (2010)
  • Genndy Tartakovsky
  • Bob Camp
  • Paul Rudish
Seasons: 1
Rated: 8/10 from 455 V0TES
  • Release Date:
  • Country: US
  • Language: En
  • Runtime: 23
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