Dragon Ball

Description Dragon Ball 1986 Long ago in the mountains, a fighting master known as Gohan discovered a strange boy whom he named Goku. Gohan raised him and trained Goku in martial arts until he died. The young and very strong boy was on his own, but easily managed. Then one day, Goku met a teenage girl named Bulma, whose search for the dragon balls brought her to Goku's home. Together, they set off to find all seven dragon balls in an adventure that would change Goku's life forever. See how Goku met his life long friends Bulma, Yamcha, Krillin, Master Roshi and more. And see his adventures as a boy, all leading up to Dragonball Z and later Dragonball GT.

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  • Akira Toriyama
Seasons: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rated: 8.1/10 from 3807 V0TES
  • Release Date:
  • Country: JP
  • Language: Ja
  • Runtime: 25
Dragon Ball - Season 4 - Episode List
  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 4 Episode 1 Enter King Piccolo

    Episode 1 - Dragon Ball - Enter King Piccolo

    Release Date: 1988-02-24

    Krillin is dead! As Goku sets out on a quest for revenge, his friends attempt to learn the identity of Krllin's killer. All clues lead to Master Roshi's past an evil, that could destroy the world!

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 4 Episode 2 Tambourine Attacks!

    Episode 2 - Dragon Ball - Tambourine Attacks!

    Release Date: 1988-03-02

    Goku catches up with the killer. The killer is a demon named Tambourine and gladly tells Goku about how he kills Krillin for the dragonball and lists of the martial arts society. Tambourine beats up Goku by blasting a beam at the flying nimbus causing Goku to fall into the woods. Tambourine beats the crud out of Goku and continues going back to King Piccolo thinking he is dead. Meanwhile back at the martial arts tournament the gang decides to go back to Kami Island with Krillin`s dead body. Tambourine gets back to King Piccolo. Piccolo tells Tambourine to post the martial arts society pictures on the wall. Piccolo commands Tambourine to go and kill the entire martial arts society to make sure no one can use the evil containment wave and trap King Piccolo in the electric jar again. Tambourine goes and kills King Chapa and Pamfoot.

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 4 Episode 3 Mark of the Demon

    Episode 3 - Dragon Ball - Mark of the Demon

    Release Date: 1988-03-09

    Tambourine continues his killing rampage by killing Bacterian and Manwolf. Back at the Kame house Master Roshie and the gang think of a plan to defeat King Piccolo using the Daragonballs and to make a freezing capsule to perserve Krilllin`s body for another year. King Piccolo creates another demon called Cymbal to get the dragonballs. Goku wakes up trying to find food. He finds a fish cooking above a fire and decides to eat it. A boulder is thrown at him. Goku dodges the boulder and threatens the stranger to come out. The stranger comes out claiming that Goku stole his fish.

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 4 Episode 4 Here Comes Yajirobe

    Episode 4 - Dragon Ball - Here Comes Yajirobe

    Release Date: 1988-03-16

    The stranger tells Goku that he stole his Breakfast. Goku says that can he prove it was his fish. The stranger tells Goku that he was cooking that fish. Goku sees that the stranger has a dragonball hanging on his neck as a bracelet. Goku then thinks that he works with Tambourine and they start fighting him. After they are done fighting Goku asks the stranger`s name. The stranger says his name is Yajirobe and Goku tells his own name. Goku asks where Yajirobe got the dragonball. Yajirobe says that he found it 3 years ago in the jungle. Goku realizes that the whole fight was a misunderstanding. Then Cymbal comes asking for the dragonball. Goku realizes that Cymbal works with Tambourine. Yajirobe doesn`t give up his dragonball and fights him. Right when Cymbal was going to use his killer attack Yajirobe grabs his sword and cuts Cymbal in half. King Piccolo finds out about Cymbal`s death telepathically linked and starts to have a killer headache.

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 4 Episode 5 Terrible Tambourine

    Episode 5 - Dragon Ball - Terrible Tambourine

    Release Date: 1988-03-23

    Tambourine continues his seek-and-slaughter campaign of Martial Artists as he sets his sight on victim number eight! Yamcha! Master Roshi takes Tien and Chiaotzu on a cross-country race for the Dragon Balls. As they try to stay ahead of the competition, King Piccolo and his dastardly horde. Meanwhile Goku attempts to persuade mountain-boy Yajirobe to hand over his Dragon Ball to help save Krillin!

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 4 Episode 6 Tien's Atonement

    Episode 6 - Dragon Ball - Tien's Atonement

    Release Date: 1988-04-06

    Tambourine closes in on Goku and Yajirobe as the two warriors enrage in a cross-country chase for each other. Meanwhile to obtain a Dragon Ball, Tien Shinhan must first atone for the brutality of his past.

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 4 Episode 7 Goku's Revenge

    Episode 7 - Dragon Ball - Goku's Revenge

    Release Date: 1988-04-13

    Tambourine arrives to exact revenge on the murderer of his 'brother' Cymbal. Goku tells Yajirobe that it is his turn to fight, and Yajirobe consents, as long as he can eat the monster. Tambourine laughs and can't believe that Goku wants to challenge him again. Goku says that he'll win this time because he is full and not hungry. Goku then beats the living tar out of Tambourine. Tambourine appears dead, but gets up and fires an energy ball at Goku. It appears to have incinerated Goku, but Goku was too fast for it. Tambourine tries to fly away, but Goku uses his power pole to propel himself upwards and powers up a Kamehameha. He then incinerates Tambourine. King Piccolo feels Tambourine's death through his mental link and goes to avenge his death himself. The episode ends as Pilaf's airship appears in the skies above Goku and Yajirobe.

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 4 Episode 8 Goku vs. King Piccolo

    Episode 8 - Dragon Ball - Goku vs. King Piccolo

    Release Date: 1988-04-20

    Goku must stand alone as he faces the wrath of King Piccolo. Without aid, and protecting the one-star Dragon Ball. Goku defends his life as the dastardly alien seeks revenge for the deaths of Cymbal and Tambourine. Master Roshi finds himslf between a rock and a hard place as he quests for the three-star ball.

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 4 Episode 9 Piccolo Closes In

    Episode 9 - Dragon Ball - Piccolo Closes In

    Release Date: 1988-05-04

    Exhausted, bruised and alone, Goku makes a final stand against the seemingly indestructable King Piccolo. As Master Roshi and the others continue their pursuit of the Dragon Balls, it becomes clear that the trail leads to the dark forces of Piccolo and judgement day for our heros.

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 4 Episode 10 Roshi's Gambit

    Episode 10 - Dragon Ball - Roshi's Gambit

    Release Date: 1988-05-11

    Global destruction is one wish away if King Piccolo succeeds in calling forth the Eternal Dragon. Master Roshi answers the call for a hero by placing himself between the creature and the remaining Dragon Balls. However, in his attempt to save the world, he may pay the ultimate price.

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 4 Episode 11 King Piccolo's Wish

    Episode 11 - Dragon Ball - King Piccolo's Wish

    Release Date: 1988-05-18

    King Piccolo has called forth the Eternal Dragon. Master Roshi is down, Tien can't get up and Chiaotzu is scared stiff. With no one to oppose him, Piccolo prepares to make a wish, which if granted, could become the world's greatest nightmare!

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 4 Episode 12 Siege on Chow Castle

    Episode 12 - Dragon Ball - Siege on Chow Castle

    Release Date: 1988-05-25

    The invasion has begun! A youthful King Piccolo sets out to vanquish the world, sector by sector, and he's starting out with the peaceful inhabitants of King Furry's realm! Meanwhile, Goku hopes to regain his strength by visiting Master Korin's Tower, if he can climb it, exhausted and frail.

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 4 Episode 13 Conquest and Power

    Episode 13 - Dragon Ball - Conquest and Power

    Release Date: 1988-06-01

    Goku's reunion with Master Korin is filled with hope and disappointment as the hero receives shocking news! Meanwhile King Piccolo attempts to force King Furry's obedience through a horrific display of brutality towards his kingdom and subjects as Tien prepares for the long journey to learn the secret of the Evil Containment Wave.

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 4 Episode 14 Awaken Darkness

    Episode 14 - Dragon Ball - Awaken Darkness

    Release Date: 1988-06-15

    Something stirs in the cold, deep black below. Moans bellow from a hollow cavern beneath the ice. The Dark is alive! And it calls for Goku, as he sets out on a dangerous quest to find the Ultra Divine Water. One sip could mean amazing power or painful death!

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 4 Episode 15 A Taste of Destiny

    Episode 15 - Dragon Ball - A Taste of Destiny

    Release Date: 1988-06-22

    Goku and Yajirobe seek the Ultra Divine Water, a mystical beverage that will grant either great power or death. But surprise follows surprise as Goku finally finds Darkness, the keeper of the Ultra Divine Water. After Goku proves himself worthy, Darkness allows him to drink the perilous potion. But will he be empowered or perish?

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 4 Episode 16 The Ultimate Sacrifice

    Episode 16 - Dragon Ball - The Ultimate Sacrifice

    Release Date: 1988-06-29

    Tien masters the Evil Containment Wave, deciding to use it against the evil Piccolo. One problem; if used against an opponent the Wave will kill its user! Meanwhile Goku and Yajirobe return to Korin's Tower where Goku discovers his new powers and is given another Nimbus cloud. Can Goku reach Piccolo before Tien sacrifices himself?

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 4 Episode 17 Prelude to Vengeance

    Episode 17 - Dragon Ball - Prelude to Vengeance

    Release Date: 1988-07-06

    King Piccolo has declared annihilation of the world, one sector at a time. First up, the Western City, home of Bulma's parents. Tien Shinhan, having mastered the Evil Containment Wave, prepares to fight Piccolo, but a new menace threatens all. Goku races to offer aid, but will it be too late?

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 4 Episode 18 Battle Cry

    Episode 18 - Dragon Ball - Battle Cry

    Release Date: 1988-07-20

    There's a new beast in town and his name is Drum. Tien Shinhan must go through him before he can fight King Piccolo. The problem is, Drum moves faster than Tien's eyes - all three of them! Goku is on his way, but will he arrive in time to save the day?

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 4 Episode 19 Goku Strikes Back

    Episode 19 - Dragon Ball - Goku Strikes Back

    Release Date: 1988-07-27

    Goku is back to face King Piccolo, and not a moment too soon! As Tien Shinhan and the rest of the resistance endure their most desperate hour, only Goku stands between Piccolo and the destruction of the Western City. It's more than just a rematch, it's the battle to save the world!

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 4 Episode 20 The Biggest Crisis

    Episode 20 - Dragon Ball - The Biggest Crisis

    Release Date: 1988-08-03

    Piccolo puts all of West City on edge when he invades the King's castle, but Goku is not about to let him take over without a fight. While Tien watches from the sidelines, the young Saiyan takes it on the chin and refuses to go down. It's a fierce battle but even Goku has his limits. How much can he take?

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 4 Episode 21 Final Showdown

    Episode 21 - Dragon Ball - Final Showdown

    Release Date: 1988-08-10

    The fierce fight between Goku and Piccolo continues. But Piccolo gains the advantage when he breaks Goku down limb by limb. To make matters worse, Tien is used as a pawn in the battle. Goku is forced to make an awful choice. Will he surrender to Piccolo and save his friend or choose to fight and risk his own life?