Dragon Ball

Description Dragon Ball 1986 Long ago in the mountains, a fighting master known as Gohan discovered a strange boy whom he named Goku. Gohan raised him and trained Goku in martial arts until he died. The young and very strong boy was on his own, but easily managed. Then one day, Goku met a teenage girl named Bulma, whose search for the dragon balls brought her to Goku's home. Together, they set off to find all seven dragon balls in an adventure that would change Goku's life forever. See how Goku met his life long friends Bulma, Yamcha, Krillin, Master Roshi and more. And see his adventures as a boy, all leading up to Dragonball Z and later Dragonball GT.

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  • Akira Toriyama
Seasons: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Rated: 8/10 from 2086 V0TES
  • Release Date:
  • Country: JP
  • Language: Ja
  • Runtime: 25
Dragon Ball - Season 2 - Episode List
  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 2 Episode 1 Goku's Rival

    Episode 1 - Dragon Ball - Goku's Rival

    Release Date: 1986-05-28

    Goku arrives at Kame House for his training as promised, but in return for his services, Master Roshi asks for something in return, a beautiful young lady! However, Goku does not seem to know what he is looking for and is about to be turned down when a mysterious young boy, Krillin , shows up.

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 2 Episode 2 Look Out for Launch

    Episode 2 - Dragon Ball - Look Out for Launch

    Release Date: 1986-06-04

    Krillin seems to know what to look for, so the two students set out on the Flying Nimbus once more. They save a young women named Launch from two police officers who meets Master Roshi's standards. But something strange seems to happen when she sneezes...

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 2 Episode 3 Find that Stone!

    Episode 3 - Dragon Ball - Find that Stone!

    Release Date: 1986-06-11

    Krillin and Goku start Master Roshi's training, but their first test seems impossible! They must find a marked stone which is lost in acres of land surrounding the house on the new island they have moved to.

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 2 Episode 4 Milk Delivery

    Episode 4 - Dragon Ball - Milk Delivery

    Release Date: 1986-06-18

    It is the first day of real training for young Goku and Krillin and the first thing to be done in their daily routine is... delivering milk? Despite what it looks like, this is no easy task, which Goku and Krillin begin to see when they have to climb a mountain, and that is only the first stop!

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 2 Episode 5 The Turtle Hermit Way

    Episode 5 - Dragon Ball - The Turtle Hermit Way

    Release Date: 1986-06-25

    The Turtle Hermit Way Master Roshi shows the boys the rest of their daily routine, which includes farming, studying, napping, construction working, swimming in a lake filled with sharks, and finally, dodging swarms of bees! The day was finally over but Master Roshi had one more thing to tell them, from then on they had to do this with 50 lb. turtle shells on they're backs.

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 2 Episode 6 The Tournament Begins

    Episode 6 - Dragon Ball - The Tournament Begins

    Release Date: 1986-07-02

    Goku, and Krillin have completed their training and arrive at the World's Martial Arts Tournament. There, they meet up with Puar, Yamcha, Bulma, and Oolong, with Yamcha participating in the tournament.

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 2 Episode 7 Elimination Round

    Episode 7 - Dragon Ball - Elimination Round

    Release Date: 1986-09-07

    The World Martial Arts Tournament Elimination Round has started, and it seems that the three fighters have gotten lucky enough to be in different brackets. However, the bullies from Krillin's old temple are there, and one of them has his first match against Krillin!

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 2 Episode 8 Smells Like Trouble

    Episode 8 - Dragon Ball - Smells Like Trouble

    Release Date: 1986-07-16

    Yamcha, Goku, and Krillin have all made it through the elimination round, and are being matched up with the others. Krillin's first match is with a smelly monster named Bacterian.

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 2 Episode 9 Quarterfinals Begin

    Episode 9 - Dragon Ball - Quarterfinals Begin

    Release Date: 1986-07-23

    Yamcha is up against the mysterious Jackie Chun in the second quarterfinals match. While Jackie Chun may be old, Yamcha seems to have the disadvantage. Then, in the next match, Nam and Ranfan fight. Can Nam win the match for his village?

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 2 Episode 10 Monster Beast Giran

    Episode 10 - Dragon Ball - Monster Beast Giran

    Release Date: 1986-07-30

    The fourth and final match is Goku vs. Giran, but it is postponed due to torrential rains. During the break, Goku and his friends head to a nearby restaurant where they see Giran. But when some fighters from Orin Temple start making trouble with Giran, Giran's ruthless side comes out.

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 2 Episode 11 Krillin's Frantic Attack!

    Episode 11 - Dragon Ball - Krillin's Frantic Attack!

    Release Date: 1986-08-06

    The semi-finals have begun, and Krillin is fighting Jackie Chun in the first match. After Jackie's effortless defeat of Yamcha, the odds for Krillin are not looking good.

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 2 Episode 12 Danger From Above

    Episode 12 - Dragon Ball - Danger From Above

    Release Date: 1986-08-13

    The second semi-finals match is Nam vs. Goku, with Nam still striving for money for the water for his village. However, Goku is putting up quite a fight for Nam, so Nam is pushed to use a deadly move which he did not want to use, the Aerial Attack.

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 2 Episode 13 The Grand Finals

    Episode 13 - Dragon Ball - The Grand Finals

    Release Date: 1986-08-20

    After Goku's defeat of Nam, he has advanced to the finals with Jackie Chun. However, Goku and Jackie seem to be evenly matched. After a series of techniques by both fighters, the match is still going.

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 2 Episode 14 Number One Under the Moon?

    Episode 14 - Dragon Ball - Number One Under the Moon?

    Release Date: 1986-08-27

    The 21st World Martial Arts Tournament finals is still going down, with Goku fighting Jackie Chun. The two seem to be evenly matched, until Jackie uses the Thunder Shock Surprise. Then, Goku looks at the moon, and turns into a Great Ape.

  • HD series online Dragon Ball Season 2 Episode 15 The Final Blow

    Episode 15 - Dragon Ball - The Final Blow

    Release Date: 1986-09-03

    Jackie Chun blasts Goku with a Kamehameha Wave to save the earth from the Great Ape. The fight continues, with fist-to-fist combat due to loss of energy. Then, the two agree to put their all into one final blow.