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About: Dragon Ball 1x3 On their way to the sea, Goku and Bulma run into a Bear Thief that tries to eat the turtle. Goku makes short work of him, and they continue on their way. When they arrive at the shore, the turtle tells them to wait for him. When he comes back, a man is riding on his back. The man is Master Roshi, and as a reward for helping his turtle, he gives Goku his flying Nimbus Cloud. Roshi himself can't ride the cloud, because only good and pure people can. Bulma can't ride it either, but Goku can. Roshi also gives Bulma the three-star Dragon Ball, not knowing what it is. When Master Roshi returns to his island, he finds Emperor Pilaf and his two henchmen searching his house for the Dragon Ball. After he tells them that he gave it away, the three leave his island.

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Seasons: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Rated: 8 from 10 - 1891 V0TES
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