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Still 'Bout It

Description Still 'Bout It 2004 Still’ Bout It picks up where the classic ‘Bout It left off, following the adventures of the legendary Pistol P (Master P) and his homie Vito (Silkk the Shocker). The ghetto Bill Pistol P is released from prison and is reunited with Vito. Upon his release, Pistol decides it’s time to go legit. The two move in with their Aunt Tee Dee and his nephew, the talented b-baller M.J. (Lil’ Romeo). After settlin in, Pitol and Vito get a job as dishwashers at a restaurant and Pitol meets the love of his life. The peace doesn't last long after Pistol encounters the notorious Cut Mob and their leader, drug kingpin Trouble (Ameer Baraka). The enraged Pistol P goes back to his gangster ways and decides to rid the neighborhood of the Cut Mob and prove he's "Still Bout It".

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  • Master P
  • Release Date:
  • Country: US
  • Language: en
  • Runtime: 80
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