Fire Tripper

Description Fire Tripper 1985 A massive gas explosion in modern-day Tokyo throws 17-year-old Suzuko back in time — 500 years into the past and into a death-strewn battlefield. Rescued from lecherous bandits by the young warrior Shukumaru, Suzuko struggles to untangle the time lines. Slowly she begins to understand the strange force that has exiled her, and how it relates to her own mysterious past. Shukumaru and Suzuko tackle mystery, tragedy and disaster as time unravels amidst the roaring flames of past and present.

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Fire Tripper (1985)
  • Motosuke Takahashi
  • Rumiko Takahashi
  • Tomoko Konparu
Rated: 7/10 from 48 V0TES
  • Release Date:
  • Country: JP
  • Language: 日本語
  • Runtime: 50
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