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Romi Park (朴ロ美) is a Korean-Japanese voice actress famous.  Born in Edogawa, Tokyo, she graduated from the Touhou Gakuen College of Drama and Music, and studied in Yonsei University. At the first Seiyuu Awards, she won "Best Main Character (female)" for her portrayal of Oosaki Nana. Her most well-known roles are usually tough, calm, and mature preteen or teenage boys (for example, Tao Ren, Hitsugaya Toushirou, Edward Elric, and Hyuuga Natsume). Her female roles also fit the "tough/punk lady" archetype (Oosaki Nana and Teresa in Claymore). She has a cat named Kogito and a Dachshund named Sarang, which means "love" in Korean. - Movie-Watch

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Jan 22, 1972 In Edogawa, Tokyo, Japan
Movie/TV Credits:
First Appeared:
series Super Sentai 1975-04-05
Latest Project:
Online-Series Yami to Bōshi to Hon no Tabibito 2019
Romi Park starred in
Roles Romi Park starred in Deadman Wonderland
Roles Romi Park starred in Welcome to Irabu's Office
Roles Romi Park starred in ヒゲぴよ
Roles Romi Park starred in Nana
Series Yami to Bōshi to Hon no Tabibito - Romi Park Gargantua 2019
Series Digimon Adventure 02 - Romi Park Ken Ichijouji 2018
Movie Mazinger Z: Infinity - Romi Park Baron Ashura (female side) (voice) 2017-11-22
Series Onihei - Romi Park Omasa 2017-01-10
Movie Garo Movie: Divine Flame - Romi Park Emma Guzman 2016-04-01
Movie Attack on Titan: Crimson Bow and Arrow - Romi Park Hange Zoe (voice) 2014-11-22
Series Garo: The Animation - Romi Park 2014-10-03
Series Persona 4 The Golden Animation - Romi Park Naoto Shirogane 2014-07-11
Movie Bishokushin's Special Menu - Romi Park Komatsu 2013-12-06
Series Attack on Titan - Romi Park Zoe Hanji 2013-04-06
Movie Hunter × Hunter: Phantom Rouge - Romi Park Pakunoda 2013-01-12
Series Zetman - Romi Park Jin Kanzaki 2012-04-03
Series Deadman Wonderland - Romi Park Ganta Igarashi (voice) 2011-04-17
Series Wolverine - Romi Park 2011-01-07
Series Toriko - Romi Park Komatsu 2011-04-03
Movie The Voice Makes a Miracle - Romi Park 2011-11-19
Movie Fullmetal Alchemist The Movie: The Sacred Star of Milos - Romi Park Edward Elric 2011-07-02
Movie Hellsing Ultimate The Dawn - Romi Park Walter C. Dornez 2011-07-27
Movie Black Jack: Final - Romi Park 2011-12-16
Movie Bleach: Hell Verse - Romi Park Toshiro Hitsugaya (voice) 2010-12-04
Movie Hetalia: Axis Powers: Paint It, White! - Romi Park Switzerland 2010-06-05
Movie To - Romi Park To (voice) 2010-05-27
Series Rainbow - Romi Park Noboru Maeda 2010-04-06
Series ヒゲぴよ - Romi Park 2009-04-03
Series White Album - Romi Park Yayoi Shinozuka 2009-01-03
Series Rideback - Romi Park 2009-01-12
Series 侍戦隊シンケンジャー - Romi Park Unknown 2009-02-15
Series Aoi Bungaku Series - Romi Park Tsuneko 2009-10-10
Series Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Romi Park Edward Elric 2009-04-05
Movie Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Inheritors of the Will of Fire - Romi Park Temari (voice) 2009-08-01
Series Tatakau Shisho - Romi Park Hamutz Meseta 2009-10-02
Series To - Romi Park 2009-10-02
Series Welcome to Irabu's Office - Romi Park Ichirou Irabu (child, voice) 2009-10-16
Series Itazura na Kiss - Romi Park 2008-04-04
Series Amatsuki - Romi Park Kuchiha 2008-04-04
Series Kaiba - Romi Park Popo 2008-04-10
Series Ultraviolet: Code 044 - Romi Park 2008-07-01
Series Sekirei - Romi Park Karasuba 2008-07-02
Series Black Butler - Romi Park Madam Red 2008-10-02
Series Kurozuka - Romi Park Kuromitsu 2008-10-07
Movie Hells - Romi Park Linne's mother 2008-10-18
Movie Bleach: Fade to Black - Romi Park Toshiro Hitsugaya 2008-12-13
Series Naruto Shippūden - Romi Park Temari 2007-02-15
Movie Murder Princess: Birth - Romi Park Alita Forland (voice, after switch) 2007-03-28
Series Dennou Coil - Romi Park Ken'ichi Harakawa 2007-05-12
Series Oh! Edo Rocket - Romi Park O-ise 2007-04-03
Series Claymore - Romi Park Teresa (voice) 2007-04-03
Series Blue Dragon - Romi Park 2007-04-07
Movie Murder Princess: Coronation - Romi Park Alita Forland (voice) 2007-04-25
Series Clannad - Romi Park Unknown 2007-10-04
Movie Aquarion OVA - Romi Park 2007-05-25
Movie Murder Princess: Return - Romi Park Alita Forland (voice) 2007-05-30
Movie Murder Princess: Exile - Romi Park Alita Forland (voice) 2007-06-27
Movie Murder Princess: Fate - Romi Park Alita Forland (voice) 2007-07-25
Movie Vexille - Romi Park Takashi 2007-08-18
Movie Murder Princess: Determination's End - Romi Park Alita Forland (voice) 2007-08-29
Series Shion no Ō - Romi Park Ayumi Saitō 2007-10-13
Movie Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion - Romi Park Toushirou Hitsugaya 2007-12-22
Series Nana - Romi Park Nana Osaki (voice) 2006-04-05
Series Jyu-Oh-Sei - Romi Park Karim 2006-04-13
Series ゼーガペイン- - Romi Park 2006-04-06
Movie Bleach: Memories of Nobody - Romi Park Toshiro Hitsugaya 2006-06-11
Movie Fullmetal Alchemist The Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa - Romi Park Edward Elric 2005-07-21
Movie Bleach - The Sealed Sword Frenzy - Romi Park Tōhirō Histugaya (voice) 2005-05-12
Series Aquarion - Romi Park Kurt Klick 2005-04-04
Series The Law of Ueki - Romi Park Kosuke Ueki 2005-04-04
Movie New Fist of the North Star: When a Man Carries Sorrow - Romi Park 2004-05-26
Series Samurai 7 - Romi Park Katsushiro Okamoto (voice) 2004-06-12
Series Harukanaru Toki no Naka de ~Hachiyou Shou~ - Romi Park Unknown 2004-10-05
Movie Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Movie III: The Rumbling Sky - Romi Park 2004-10-22
Series Bleach - Romi Park Tōshirō Hitsugaya 2004-10-05
Series Major - Romi Park Taiga Shimizu (voice) 2004-11-13
Movie Blade of the Phantom Master - Romi Park Mari 2004-11-26
Series Alice Academy - Romi Park 2004-10-30
Series Pecola - Romi Park Rabi-san 2003-04-21
Series Air Master - Romi Park Maki Aikawa 2003-04-01
Series Stellvia of the Universe - Romi Park Najima Gable 2003-04-02
Series Ninja Scroll: The Series - Romi Park Tsubute (voice) 2003-04-14
Movie New Fist of the North Star: The Cursed City - Romi Park Doha 2003-07-02
Movie Eyeshield 21: The Phantom Golden Bowl - Romi Park 2003-09-25
Series Fullmetal Alchemist - Romi Park Edward Elric (voice) 2003-10-04
Movie New Fist of the North Star: The Forbidden Fist - Romi Park Doha 2003-10-21
Series Naruto - Romi Park Temari 2002-10-03
Series Dragon Drive - Romi Park Oozora Reiji 2002-07-04
Series Zaion: I Wish You Were Here - Romi Park 2001-10-04
Series Turn A Gundam - Romi Park Loran Cehack 1999-04-09
Series Brain Powerd - Romi Park Kanan Gimms 1998-04-08
Movie Black Jack - Romi Park L 1993-12-21
Series Super Sentai - Romi Park Usukawadayuu 1975-04-05

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